Thanks For The Gerbera Daisy Seeds!

An article I had written on how to grow gerbera daisies has been capturing a lot of attention. A reader named Julie recently posted that she would send some fresh gerber daisy seeds to whoever wanted some. I was quick to say “Yeah” and poof there they were in my mailbox. I”m looking forward to planting them. Apparently Julie gathers the seeds from the plants she buys at the store. I was previously under the impression that store bought gerbera daisies would produce infertile seeds, but she proved me wrong.  From my understanding you need fresh seeds.  Fresh seeds tend to have an almost 100% germination rate.

Here’s what she had to say about planting them:

I have gathered my seeds from plants I bought at various stores. I get about a 98 % germination rate on the seeds I plant. I simply take a tooth pick, and make a hole, then place the seed with the fuzzy top up in the hole. The Fuzzy top must be above the dirt. But they grow really well that way.

Here’s what the germinated seeds look like:


These seedlings are hurting from shipping. The 2 leaves means it’s still to early to transplant them.  You should wait until there are 4 leaves.  For more information make sure you read the article How To Grow Gerbera Daisies Indoors.


Just Ordered Gerber Daisy Seeds

I ordered some gerber daisy seeds from ParkSeed. After shipping it came to $6.45. I don’t have them yet, but when I do will take some pictures and show how I grow them from seeds. Sprouting seeds can be a little tricky. I think the challenge is fun. I am going to write a more in depth report on my experiences with growing gerber daisies because a lot of people are coming to my blog looking for this information. They should be here next week. If you want to order some seeds for yourself click the ParkSeed link to the left of this blog.