Just Ordered Gerber Daisy Seeds

I ordered some gerber daisy seeds from ParkSeed. After shipping it came to $6.45. I don’t have them yet, but when I do will take some pictures and show how I grow them from seeds. Sprouting seeds can be a little tricky. I think the challenge is fun. I am going to write a more in depth report on my experiences with growing gerber daisies because a lot of people are coming to my blog looking for this information. They should be here next week. If you want to order some seeds for yourself click the ParkSeed link to the left of this blog.


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  1. Hi, I just found this blog and I am wondering how your Daisies turned out. I heard they are tricky to grow. I have collected hundred’s of seeds between the ones I received at Valentine’s Day {2009} from a Florist to the Walmart store bought ones I have outside now. I love them! I will be getting some Miracle Grow today and planting my seeds. Anxious to see if they will grow.
    Good Luck with yours and if you still have this blog going, drop me a line to let me know how yours did. Thanks. ~Pam~ 0:-)

    • Hi Pam. They are tricky to grow. The gerbera seeds that I planted last year that I received from Parkseed did grow. But I believe the temperature dipped down too low in the house and they died. I live in New England and keeping sprouts healthy in April is tricky without either a warm grow light or a heating pad. I’m curious how your seeds work out for you, especially those ones from the Florist. Did you know that the Barberton daisy is the original parent to these hybrid gerbera daisies? Look it up on google.

  2. Hi! And thanks for getting back to me. I am glad that you were able to get the seeds to grow but sorry that they ended up dying. I lived over 40 years in New England, before moving to Florida, so I also know first hand about losing plants from temperatures that dipped low. I learned to start seeds indoors down in my basement with special plant lights.
    I have always loved and been passionate about taking a mere small seed, putting a little dirt on it, then standing back and watching the miracle of God take over and turning it into absolute beauty.
    I want to clarify what I meant about the Florist Gerber seeds. I received Gerber Daisies in a vase as a gift for Valentine’s Day. As they died I kept the flower heads and let them dry out to collect seeds from them. I just got them planted today. It is in the 80’s here in Florida so I am starting them outside in planter’s along with my store bought different variety daisy seeds I bought.
    I had bought a planter of Gerber Daisies at Walmart and again as they die off I have been collecting the heads and letting the seeds dry out. Those I planted today also. So I have the ones from Valentine’s Day, the store bought Gerber plant & seeds in packages that I bought. The seeds n packages are different types of Daisies {not Gerber}
    I will keep you posted if I have any success.
    ~Pam~ 0:-)

  3. Please let me know how the Gerber Daisy seeds have done. I am curious because I have been trying to find seeds and plants that were not hybrids (because they won’t grow) even if you keep the seeds.

  4. Hi Alicia,

    Basically my seeds did sprout, but I goofed up and did not have a heat mat under them or use some kind of heat source that would have kept them alive. I sprouted them in April of last year and they died when the temperature dipped down too low. (I live in New England).

    You say that you are looking for seeds that are not hybrids? You won’t find any because the Gerbera Daisy is a man made flower. But, check out the Berberton daisy. It is the original parent to these hybrid gerbera daisies. The berberton daisy produces fertile seeds just like any other God given natural flower. Look it up on google.

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