Organic Heirloom Seeds – The Only True Seeds Left

If you plan to start a garden you should know that most modern seeds are hybrid seeds that have been genetically altered and produce sterile or unreliable seeds. What this means is that the modern seed is more likely to yield a crop less in nutrients, less in taste, and in the end give you useless seeds that you can’t even plant for next year. If you’re wondering what has gone amiss, and why seeds are so poor, let’s just say that Shell Oil is the largest seed company in the world. It’s a huge business. Hundreds of billions of dollars are made by chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerates, who acquire native seeds from Third World farmers (for free), genetically modify them, patent them, and then sell them back.

And these corporation who sell genetically modified (GM) seeds to farmers are also free to sell GM seeds to you – the home gardener. Because most people don’t really know what is going on in the agribusiness, our current laws do not require a warning label on the seed packets. So here’s what you do – look for organic and heirloom seeds. They should be open pollinated (non-hybrid) and untreated, and not genetically modified (Non-GMO).plant

They are called heirloom seeds because they are from a plant that has a history of being passed down within a family. Gardeners saved seeds from plants with the most desirable characteristics for their own home gardens and then passed them on to family and friends. And of course, they didn’t let any corporations get their slimy hands on them. After you receive your first crop you can take part in saving your own seeds and passing on the tradition of sustainable agriculture. This simple act will actually sustain a genetically diverse agriculture and keep us all from starving.

Here’s a list of organic or heirloom seeds:

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