Expressionism Art & The Focus on Love

Expressionism is exhibited in many art forms, including painting, literature, theatre, film, architecture and music. As a modern expressionist painter myself, I can tell you that expressionism is an art form of the emotions. The need to release an expression is provoked by the forces seen and unseen, both of outward worldly events and inner spiritual feelings. For an expressionist, painting reality is not the agenda. The goal is either to distort reality to gain some kind of emotional effect, or to intuitively take part in creating something entirely new. The connection between the new art form and the spirit is so tightly woven together that the composition becomes a visual display of how one feels.

Expressionism does not have to be a creepy display of morbid thoughts and feelings. Many artists convey this dark art form and even become very popular. I’m a firm believer in using art as therapy where the artist can achieve healing through the release of negative feelings and emotions, but I question to what degree such negative art forms should be passed around and shared by the masses just because they sell. I believe, where the artist has the potential to be positive, the artist should make way and allow for those expressions to manifest. I believe that we are all creators in some way or form, and that all we think about we bring about. This is actually called the Law of Attraction. We create reality and reality starts within our thoughts, our feelings, and how we take action. And in this sense, it is within our ability as creative spirits to envision positive change and create it. We have everything to gain by focusing our energy on love, and we have nothing to gain by focusing our energy on the absence of love.