Feel Joy – Turn On Your Imagination

Feel Joy Contemporary Abstract Painting

Feel Joy
Original size: 20 x 20 inches
Original medium: Acrylic on canvas: ©2007

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The everyday mundane life can rob us of our inspiration by taking up all our time and energy. The world can be cold, it can make us bitter and our sense of hopeful wonder can turn to dust. When we were young we were like a piece of bread fresh out of the oven, and for some of us, now that we’ve sat around or been exposed to the elements, we’re quickly turning to toast. Life doesn’t have to be this way.

We spend so much time and effort on what we call “making a living” while never tapping into our soul’s purpose and development. It’s simply not healthy to go on neglecting the spirit. We are not here on this earth to be stressed out. Do you really think all of mankind’s rules were intended for us when God created this wonderful place? We are here to enjoy life, to love this earth and each other, and give thanks for these moments.

I will admit, finding the time to stop and smell the roses can be hard these days, but there is a simple change you can make that will open the doors to inspiration. And that is to kick start your imagination again. You do remember what that is?

Did you know Native American’s called God “The Great Imagination.” If we are extensions from this source, shouldn’t this same imagination be embodied by us? But how many of us really give way to our imagination? Perhaps we learned to shy away from our creative fantasies when school taught us to fill our brains with data. It’s too bad we often scrutinize our own imaginations, ultimately squashing their fruition due to “real world” thinking. Our imaginations sparked by some precious moment are actually our divine ability to be a part of creation. They are gateways to our very evolution.

There’s a whole other life when we begin to access the creative juices at the heart of our imagination. The world originates within us. Somebody once said that our challenge is to act upon life as creators rather than having life act upon us. This is a great challenge to practice everyday when we go out into the world. As the doors are opened to birth new and exciting ideas or knowledge into reality, manifestations of all kinds are born. Culture itself is formed. We suddenly have artists, inventors, musicians, performers, comedians, etc. And they in-turn inspire us, they delight our senses and get us thinking with the mind muscles of possibility, humor, and creative amazement – the very muscles that see each new day as a blank canvas ready to be painted upon.

Using your imagination is an art form that feels good the more you use it. It thins the separation between you and higher dimensions. Playing within the exploration of the imagination is to flow in an embrace of curiosity that nourishes the soul. Each one of us has a choice to exercise the imagination, and as we tap into this resource it is up to us whether or not we censor the imaginal flow. Giving it full reign surprises us and puts us in a playground of possibility – we are linked to the Mystery and are authentic to unfold unexpected results while dancing in a wealth of visionary awareness.

So how do you turn on your imagination again you ask? Well it’s different for everybody. The desire to change, build new habits, and improve must be strong enough to resist any laziness. You can start by taking time out of the everyday routine to seek your sanctuary so you can be at peace to let the creative spirit flow. In your sanctuary you might uncover a unique quality, or talent within you that would have been missed if you never made the effort to seek your imagination.

Here are some places to find your imagination:

  • Your sanctuary might exist in beautiful music that heightens your way of thinking. You can decide to take up an instrument or you can put on your favorite CD. Music is a powerful gesture to your inner feelings. With the ability to heal and uplift the mood, music reminds us of our youth and can swing us in a more positive direction. We can even witness the blatantly obvious and instantaneous affects of music as we dance and yield our bodies to the beats and sounds in pure creative expression.
  • Arts and crafts and other hobbies such as sewing also have the ability to take us into our inner garden. Expression through art such as drawing, painting, creative writing, or poetry have been known to act as therapy and aid in the healing process with physical and mental tension. Light waves of color are another vibratory form besides music that can yield a change in mood. Just exploring the use of different colors whether on your living room walls, your clothes, or on canvas, have impact on our inner senses.
  • Maybe your inner garden comes from an actual garden – A place you go to where you can take part in nature and watch it come alive in all its wonder. This could be just outside your door or down a path where you can take in the pure air, trickling water, or beautiful aromas of plants and herbs. Having a garden to visit, a dog to walk, or animals to feed, helps us get outside and exposes ourselves to an unlimited expanse of creative expression force fed to us from the greatest Creator of all.
  • You can make your sanctuary in the quality time spent with family and friends as you immerse yourself in conversation and warm company. Even in the very conversation you can use your imagination. This can be by telling a story, or even by smiling with the intent to bring humor into the conversation. When people see you smile it becomes easier to joke, and the desire to talk about something positive is increased.
  • Your sanctuary could also be your bed. Yes I said bed. Creativity comes from our dreams and getting plenty of sleep. Not getting enough sleep makes us irritable because our energy is low. It even gives us headaches and bags under our eyes. Sleep is a priority, a must. Your body repairs itself during sleep. And, contrary to common myth, the need for sleep doesn’t decline with age, the ability to sleep does. Many creative ideas come from the clarity of the quiet night and the vivid visions one receives just before falling asleep.

Living Love – Opening The Heart To Bring Healing Peace


Live Love
Original size: 24 x 30 inches
Original medium: Acrylic on board: ©2006


Did you know there is a whole kingdom of peace here on earth? You’ve probably felt it before and walked in its divine shoes. Do you know what it is and how its grace touches your life? Of course you do. It’s called love. But when do we cut ourselves off from love and how do we allow more to come to us?

Love is like a great holy river that pervades everything. It is in the tiniest particles that come from the sun, down to the blades of grass, the spiraling waters, and the air you breath. It is in the words you speak, the actions you take, and even in the things you don’t do.

It helps to realize that you are love. You don’t have to go searching for it because you are it. You were created from love and are now an extension of it. In order to bring it forth in your actions you must allow for the whole mind to function in contact with this source of love. You must think with the mind of love. You must open up your heart and let the river flow through you.

This is at times a lot easier said than done. It’s a lot easier to harvest this crop if you begin planting the seeds. First, you will want to dispel fear from your life. This is true because love’s opposite and weaker form is fear, something that breaks down mind, body, and spirit.

Then turn your channels of thought towards the streams of the soul. What I mean is, let that child from within you out by opening up your heart and creative mind. This will counter balance the usually overpowering left brain of logic and reason, ultimately giving way for the balancing of the spirit. Our hearts and creative minds call for inspiration, they are hopeful, and they seek guidance from a more powerful source. They call for positive change and they do not cling to a stagnant past of negative thoughts. With this opening of the heart and mind you will find an enjoyment in culture such as dance, art, and music. You will always know there is more to life and find a continuum of expanse, joy, and wonder. You will laugh and smile more as you enjoy life. You will become inspired within the spirit and you begin to use your imagination. You will find it feels good to be a creator and act upon life rather than having life act upon you all the time.

Somehow the laws of this great big universe allow more love to come to those that accept it, embrace it, and pass it on to others. You will not want to constrict this flow, so learn to not judge others. Learn to let petty judgment wash away from your mind. We as humans are all connected and what happens to any one of us affects the whole group, and to come this realization is to broaden your compassionate heart to the truth. And as you pass your smile onto the next, seek to build up spirits to help your brother. This is love in action. And as love passes from you to another, there is healing even in the physical body. With this mind-set you know that love is the most powerful force on earth and that it can transform anything.

As time goes on open up the doors further to the purity of life by diminishing your really bad habits. You know what they are. These are the things that hold you down. You will also want to acknowledge the creator by giving thanks to this source of love and the life you have within it. Continue to have respect for the earth and all those that dwell here and peace will be available to you at all times and return to your heart in times of need.

“Works of love are always works of peace. Whenever you share love with others, you’ll notice the peace that comes to you and to them. When there is peace, there is God – and that is how God touches our lives and shows His love for us by pouring peace and joy into our hearts…” ~ Mother Teresa

Love Nature Back

Love Nature Back Abstract Acrylic Painting

Love Nature Back
Original size: 24 x 30 inches
Original medium: Acrlic on gallery canvas: ©2007

One can only come to love nature by being in it. To stare in awe at its beauty and to coexist in its flow, bathes and nourishes the soul. Sadly enough, the more of nature that we remove, build upon, transfigure, and pollute, the less likely one can come to love it.

Nature is inseparable from ourselves, and anything that we do to it we are ultimately doing to our bodies. We are creating a world of people that are so separate from nature that they have yet to know their true selves.

While I could come up with many reasons why we are blindly destroying our ability to coexist with nature, unless we consciously recognize what we are doing to our planet and make changes, the chance to live a good healthy life in a beautiful natural environment will soon become extinct for rich and poor alike.

It is however still very important to see the beauty in nature and spend some time clearing your mind within its most precious places, albeit those places are sometimes polluted. We can actually honor our creator in this way, by appreciated what has been given to us. Through our willingness to preserve and protect, to take part in and grow, to build up and not destroy, we can find peace of mind, vitality in our health, and contentment in our hearts.

“God is everywhere, in everything. When you see something beautiful – a sunset, a mountain, a stream – these are reminders of God’s presence, revealing his beauty.” ~ From “Let There Be Love,” Cardinal Basil Hume