Where Can I Get a Barberton Daisy?


A lot of home gardeners are trying to grow gerbera daisies from seeds.  They are forced to keep buying these hybrid seeds because the flowers do not produce fertile seeds.  The reason is because the gerbera daisy is a man-made hybrid that can only exist in nature because of science.  I’ve recently discovered who the original parent to these hybrid gerbera daisies is – the Barberton Daisy.  This South African native is named after the city of Barberton.  The barberton daisy produces fertile seeds just like God intended.  And you know, it’s quite pretty.  The only problem is, how do you get a hold of a barberton daisy or its seeds if you don’t live in Africa?  Please post any responses on my blog.

Useful reference:  www.gerbera.org

Possible place to buy seeds: www.bidorbuy.co.za


In Search of The Best Gerbera Daisy Bouquet

Valentine’s Day is long over. At that time I managed to purchase a last minute bouquet for my girlfriend. I opted for the roses. But a gerbera daisy bouquet, now that might make a nice pick for mother’s day. Mothers day will be here very soon, May 11, 2008 to be precise. With gerbera daisy’s being the most popular flowers in the world I’m sure mothers would love them. Now, just for the record I do recommend growing your own gerbera’s, or at least attempting to grow some. It’s a fun challenge and you can benefit from their air purify affects a lot more when they are actually alive and well.

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