“Microcosm” Abstract Art Painting

Abstract Art PaintingMicrocosm by Jaison Cianelli ©2009
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“The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe.  The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun and the moon and the stars.  Fire and lightening and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not.” ~ The Upanishads


Abstract Art & The Need For Expression


Abstract Art by Jaison Cianelli

Abstract Art by Jaison Cianelli

As human beings we create nothing of our own, but only partake in the great creative process as conduits.  So the creative position of the artist is a humbling one.  The artist is essentially a channel.  This can’t be any more obvious than in the abstract expressionist artist.  

As you probably know, abstraction indicates a departure from reality.  The need to produce and be a part of something other than the “real world” is a natural desire especially in bad times.  In Europe before the 19th century abstract art wasn’t even considered art.  And it wasn’t until World War II that the Americans considered the idea or perhaps just found a need for this form of expression.   Jackson Pollock was at the helm of this new direction later called abstract art expressionism.

While caught in the moment, an abstract artist is often times unaware of just exactly what he or she is creating.  Exploration, uncertainties, and emotions all play out on the canvas.    Pollock once said, “My method of painting is a natural growth out of a need.  I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them.”  So for the expressionist, the visual outcome is important, but so too is the entire action of painting.  The action is like therapy for some – a means to channel feelings that need to be expressed for whatever the reason.

People question whether abstract art is actually fine art.  It’s hard for some to get past the sometimes carefree appearance and non traditional methods of applied paint and foreign matter. But at the same time there is a huge following.   Perhaps the intrigue comes from a simple truth  – that abstract art is a very raw and unique visual language, appealing both in its form and substance from which it came.

Abstract Landscape Painting – “Bursting Sun”


Bursting Sun by Jaison Cianelli ©2009 
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bursting_sun_detailBursting Sun – Detail

Contemporary Seascape Painting – Spiral Wave

Spiral Wave
Original medium: Acrylic on Canvas ©2008
The premise for creating this seascape painting or  other seascapes paintings that I create, is not to re-create reality, it is to convey a feeling.  When I spend time at the beach I’m not there to paint.  I am there because I love to be there.  To be in the waves and take in the sites, sounds, the feeling of the sand, and even the taste of the salty air.  When I come back from the beach I feel younger.  With the love for the thing that remains with me the most I have burning desire to openly paint this feeling.
I’ll work in stages.  First building texture with paste and white paint.  Pouring paint onto the canvas and flinging paint with my brush.  Once dry, I’ll add colors, pouring on more paint and adding details by guiding globs of paint on top of dried paint with the back of my brush.
This is generally how it goes.  But there is not one set procedure.   The only requirement I have is that I enjoy everything I do so that the painting will convey this joy in its final appearance.

Slow Down, Relax, Have Faith

Original size: 24 x 32 inches
Original medium: Acrylic on Canvas: ©2007

When my mind is filled with the murkiness of worry and haste I forget that this busy world is not all that the Great Mystery has to offer. Oh, how often I am caught in the wheel of spending so much time and effort on what we call “making a living” while never tapping into my soul’s purpose and development.

My busy blur of tasks I incessantly conjure into existence are routines robbing me from the harmony of feeling completely content. When I slow down, sort of let go, and nurture that feeling of faith I can feel the waves in my mind calmly put to ease. It’s only the wisdom of my heart that can offer such a sedative. Everything will work out. So just give it up to God, and relax.

Abstract Paintings Have a Purpose?

It depends on the artist, but generally, yes abstract paintings have a purpose.  The purpose is simply to beautify your surroundings with intrigue.  Ok, but why do people pay so much for  what looks like a canvas with some paint thrown on it?  Abstract paintings can actually be very affordable if purchased from an up and coming artist.  And believe it or not, most often there was a deliberate attempt at where that paint landed on the canvas.  The beauty of abstract art, both for the artist and the viewer, is that anyone can take what they see and interpret it however they see fit.

There are many different interpretations of abstract art.  An artist can be completely non-representational, or he/she can conjure up recognizable forms and symbols.  In a broad spectrum of abstract paintings, you can find landscapes, seascapes, natural objects, and colorful shapes and forms.  All and all, abstract paintings tend to have a strong focus on color patterns, and/or texture.  In this modern day, with photography, digital art, and the ability to create prints, it’s no wonder why artists are seeking to make it perfectly clear that what you see on the canvas was in-fact created with a more personal human element.  How you ask?  Through building up layers of texture, depth, or using a glazing technique that collects and redistributes light, making the paint appear luminous.

There is so much joy in painting abstractly because the walls of rigid preconception are torn down.  Many artists are using abstract art as a means to release feelings, and also as a way to freely express what they have seen in nature.  When something is done in spirit and spontaneity, it’s obvious and it shows in the work.  The purpose of abstract art is to capture this essence and bring this joy into the lives of others.

New Abstract Landscape Paintings

As of writing this I have finished my 3rd landscape. I am very excited. I hope that this enjoyment will take me through completing  7 or more paintings. I have been gearing up my website for these paintings. This collection of paintings should be uploaded at my website within the coming months. The originals will be for sale straight from my site. Like most everything I do, they are simple…large…slightly abstract… and demonstrate a love of color.

Here’s a sneak peak at one abstract landscape, 20″ x 30″ acrylic on gallery canvas: