Life in Hillsborough County & The New Boston Area

I have been living in New Boston with my fiance for a little over a year now.  I have come to find out that there is plenty of genius tucked away in these hills.  Hillsborough county is filled with extremely talented artists, crafts people, writers, hard working farmers, musicians, and many spiritually enlightened people.  Working part-time at the A&E Coffee Roastery Cafe, I have exchanged more kind words and artwork than thought possible.  Over the summer I watched artists hang up their artwork on our walls, not so much caught up in the selling of their art work (which does indeed happen), but delighted in the pure enjoyment of being able to showcase it locally in the center of town.  These talented artists include Cyndie Katz, Mary Buergin, Pat Nelson, my neighbor Hannah Phelps, and coming in September, Eileen Belanger.

As I watched beavers, herons, and Harry (the Parker’s friendly black lab) enjoy the banks of the Piscataquog river, I also watched the A&E Coffee Roastery gradually become a focal point for so many kind people, artists, and families.  We joke but it’s “the office” for the Piscataquog Land Conservancy across the street.  Quite recently I was delighted to meet Carole Huxel who has a strong desire to inform and pull together the Goffstown community.  She runs The Goffstown Edge, a community blog serving Pinardville, Goffstown, New Boston, and Dunbarton.   The Goffstown Edge serves as another focal point, one that is online, where residents can get up to date information on what’s going on around them.

Community is extremely important in these tough times.  I know for a fact that high gasoline prices has in some way strengthened this commnity.  Traveling to the local farmers market, coffee shop, or lumber yard ends up being more cost efficient.  As does getting to know your neighbors and exchanging what is that you have to offer.  Even though this summer has been tossing a number of strange rain clouds our way,  it appears to me that gardening has become even more popular and the artists have even more reason to paint the rain away.  I love this town and I’m proud to live here.


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  1. Beautiful quotes on here Jason….you chose some great ones. Hope you and your loved ones have a great Thanksgiving!! See you soon in the cafe’!

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