Amazed in Nature – Clearing The Mind & Closer to God

"grass meets sky" abstract landscape painting
Grass Meets Sky
Original size: 12 x 36 inches
Original medium: Acrylic on gallery canvas: ©2009


Nature can strike me with awe and wipe away my foolishness. I know at once when the word “woah” flows through my being and out through my throat, I am left with another moment in nature where I have once again partook in the opportunity of resetting my foolish “worry clock.” Realizing yet again life is not exactly what I think it is, my wisdom is squat next to God’s, and all the worries of the world are but a buzzing of noises that restrict me from the ocean of pure silent unending peace. Peace that was once drifting overhead amongst the stars and peace that is now found within me.

When I can open up to embrace just a smidgen of God’s amazement in nature, I can only be thankful. Who am I to complain at all? I have a life. I am alive. And I am even fortunate to be in good health and aware enough to see the generosity of love all around me.

In these moments of “nature wowing” I get a warm tingle in my spine. After I descend from the mountain, traverse back up stream, and tuck into the confines of my dwelling, I am fresh. I have been rebooted and I truly start anew. Does everyone have this ability? How many people experience this sensation? I am not sure. All I know is Nature, coupled with amazement, and sprinkled with the acknowledgment of God is wonderful and could very well make the world a better place if done just a little bit more.


3 Responses

  1. i completely agree with ur statement and just love ur feelings about nature….good work..keep it up

    • Thanks for your comment. I’m glad that you connect. Your comment and the many others I am receiving are inspiring me to write a book.

  2. Yes, a little while back at Big Sur, my boyfriend (an angel by the way) asked me to look up for a moment. It was midnight along the coast. I looked up and I was literally awe struck by the millions of stars in the sky. Suddenly my awareness shifted into a very deep knowing that all of life was in perfect order, no lack, no wanting. I understood at that moment that there is no search for God. That God is present in every single second of eternity. And God is perfect fulfillment. The memory of that experience is like a beautiful prayer I remember almost daily. I would love to stay in the permanent realization of that truth but somehow I slip and slide into amnesia.

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