How Room Color & Artwork Affects Your Mood

Color affects every day of our lives whether you think about it or not. We spend so much time indoors it is important to chose the right colors for a room. Every color has a different affect for different people depending on one’s age, ethnicity, gender, or even climate. Since colors absorb or reflect light differently, a slight variation in shade or tone can give an overall different feeling to a room.

Here are some of the basic colors:

Red: The color of blood and passion. Red stimulates, arouses, and heightens awareness. Red can be a target for the eye since it is an extreme color.

Blue: The color of the sky and the ocean. Blue is the most popular color. It relaxes, calms, and transfixes. However, at the same time too much blue can be cold and somewhat depressing.

Yellow: Cheerful, the color of the sun. Yellow is an attention getter. It recharges, energizes, and revitalizes. But to much is overwhelming. People lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms.

Green: Symbolizes nature. It is the easiest color on the eye and can improve vision. It is a calming, refreshing color that stabalizes and balances.

Orange: A cheerful color that can remind people of the fruit, clean and bright. Orange can also bring order because it gets attention without being as overbearing as yellow.

Purple: Purple protects and comforts. Purple is a color rarely seen in nature. It makes its appearance mostly as a flower or vegetable.

Brown: Solid, reliable brown is the color of earth and is abundant in nature. Men often prefer brown.


Adding Artwork To A Room

Fist of all, not enough people put large colorful pieces of art on their walls. The right color or light can bring life and energy into a room in a similar way as plants, animals, or music can. Warm tones or inspirational art themes can comfort and uplift the overall mood of the room.   When choosing art you can pretend the art is light. Where would you like some light on your walls? And what color would you choose?

Everyone has a different psychological affect to the images and color of artwork, but the energy that a piece gives off should not be ignored when choosing a room to hang it in. Sometimes a natural brown room can be uplifted with hints of orange and yellow artwork. On the other hand, a calm blue room with a painting of rain falling onto a puddle may turn an already relaxing room into one that is cold and depressing. The trick is to compliment the room with artwork that has hints of the same color, but not to overdue it, and also choose a theme that turns the energy of the room in the direction you want to go. Energy is very important. You may like a piece of art and have no idea why. And that’s fine. You just have to recognize where you would like that piece – what sort of mood or memory does that piece conjure up? Ask yourself in what setting does it belong, and what will you or the guests be doing in that room. Your instincts will find a nice location for any piece you choose. The hard part for most people is choosing a piece of artwork in the first place.

brown orangegreen yellow

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  1. Hi,

    I just wrote a blog on creating a tranquil master bedroom and touched on the effect of color. I’ll check out your website!


  2. Thanks for the knowledge

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